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The 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Center you can count on…

At DYCK Security, we know that 24-hour monitoring is an essential part of a security system. It is the critical link between our customers and our Monitoring Center. When an alarm signal reaches our Monitoring Center, our trained operators immediately notify the police, fire, or EMS departments of the alarm situation.

Without monitoring you are dependent upon a neighbor or passerby to inform police or fire officials if an emergency situation occurs. Despite the image that burglaries are committed in the evening, in truth a majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when homeowners are away at work.

Who will be around when your alarm sounds? Like car alarms, burglary or fire alarms can be easily ignored. Critical time will be lost, precious possessions can be stolen, or you could lose your home to fire.

Our Monitoring Center is strategically located to best serve our customers. Our operators work closely with local jurisdictions, which enables us to provide notification usually within seconds of fires and burglaries.



If you are reviewing other alarm companies, be sure to find out where you will be monitored from: in- or out-of-state, or even by a third party. This situation can result in poor customer service due to their limited knowledge of your particular system, and often no verification of alarm signals to prevent false alarms.

Monitoring Center Operators answer the phones. There is no voice mail keeping you in a box somewhere, we understand emergencies and know that when you need us it is important to you to speak with an expert, now. If for some reason our operator can’t assist you, our technicians are a phone call away. We will find you an answer and help you now.

At DYCK Security Systems we feel it is important to be installed, serviced and monitored by the same company in order to provide quality protection. We have been privately owned and operated since 1951.